You Are Amazing

Remember a few years ago when everywhere you looked, there was a woman reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle? Women in Starbucks, women on airplanes, women on the beach, all heeding the call at the same time? I didn't read it. As a rule, I avoid any book that is wildly popular because those books are... Continue Reading →

Down For the Count

I'm entering night three of a bout of unnamed illness, and currently typing from an awkward reclined position because being upright for more than a few minutes is a non-starter. Coffee and dim lighting for the headache, blankets and sweater for the chills. It's not vertigo, more like motion sickness, where nodding or turning my... Continue Reading →

Poking Holes

I'm really trying to become a podcast person, but it's hard to find options that are safe for frequent interruptions by my children (if you don't have this issue, I recommend What's My Motivation? by my siblings-in-law). I have started really looking forward to new releases from The Sharon Says So Podcast because they are... Continue Reading →

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