Not Tom Brady. Looking rustic because of the fluffy frosting All three children have now had pandemic birthdays, so I've had to learn some new skills. Cake making is tough to get right, mostly because the opportunities to practice are few and far between. Maybe you have honed your chocolate chip cookie recipe over the... Continue Reading →

Grandma’s Palate

At some point in every woman's life, she has the sudden realization she has become her mother. Whether it's choosing sensible shoes, or repeating a saying of Mom's without thinking, it will happen eventually. Sometimes we are pleased to be modeling our mothers, and sometimes alarmed. For me, I remember informing my children that "the... Continue Reading →

My Pandemic MVPs

Of course the true MVPs of 2020 are frontline workers, from doctors and medical researchers to custodial staff and administration, and also the free press for reporting on the pandemic when leadership was downplaying the severity, but I digress. My biggest helper! Since I have am immune-compromised and my doctors deemed the risk so acute... Continue Reading →


As summer begins I start to see tips for keeping the kids occupied and staving off boredom. One of the most common suggestions? Send the kids to the backyard. Once they're exhausted from getting sweaty and dirty,¬†then¬†they can have some screen time. El Paso is not the place for the "send the kids outside" advice.... Continue Reading →

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