Love to the Max

Even before I started transitioning to minimalism I had problems with gifts. I gave "needs" that were practical when my husband and family were hoping for "wants," and nothing would stress me out more than opening presents in front of other people. This custom still baffles me. Anxiety has been an ever-present guest star in... Continue Reading →

Plain Gold Ring

Yes, I'm listening to Kimbra today. Occasionally Robby is called away to conferences for work to learn more in-depth prosecutorial strategy or immigration law specifically. He is gone for several days at a time, leaving me in charge of the household. During my first year or so of parenthood, I would remark that his trips... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow we will celebrate with the kids by splashing around in an inflatable pool and eating ice cream (sad dairy-free style for Archer) to commemorate the birth of our nation. It will be a fun day of playing with the kids, enjoying the almost oppressive sunshine, and eating the delicacies of our forefathers: hot dogs... Continue Reading →

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