Okay y'all, this is it -- my most persuasive push to bring you over to the world of Minimalism is...organizational porn! While you look through the photos of my home that have only been lightly fussed into submission for their internet debut, allow me to explain. Clay dish (that is maybe actually for soap) by... Continue Reading →

Carry the Load

Last weekend I flew to Austin from El Paso for my grandmother's ninety-third birthday. El Paso is truly a wonderful city with everything I need, except my family. We usually only make the trek to Austin for major family events like weddings and baptisms, and Grandma is understandably overwhelmed with crowds and lots of lively... Continue Reading →

America In Timeout

Another day, another mass shooting, and all you weak-ass hillbillies are like, “meh, nothing can be done! Everyone gets a gun, it's in the constitution!” I'm so sick and tired of this shoulder-shrug answer to our gun violence epidemic in this country. This is the shining city on the hill, the land of opportunity, the... Continue Reading →


About two months ago I had a partial hysterectomy. It's called a "partial" hysterectomy because the doctor took my uterus and fallopian tubes, but left my ovaries. Initially, I thought he should take the whole shebang, because the more pieces I cut out, the fewer places I will eventually get cancer (I'm nothing if not... Continue Reading →

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