Show And Tell

Regular readers know I recently attempted to write a full-length novel. I "finished" it, meaning I wrote it from start to finish, but it needs a lot of tender love and care. If my book were a house, it wouldn't just need window dressings. You'd walk into the kitchen and find that it had no... Continue Reading →

The Trouble With Love Languages

I have more than one preferred language, but the one that applies to all my interactions with people is Words of Affirmation. My brother-in-law once said he liked my roast chicken and now I make it all the time. Of course, my brother-in-law lives in another city so I'm just force-feeding my husband my self-proclaimed... Continue Reading →

The Inspiration

If possible, try to have at least one retired parent with just enough free time to buy a subscription to Masterclass. The online bank of coursework prepared by people of every profession has something for everyone, including free bonus subscriptions when you purchase a full year of streaming, which your parents should absolutely pass on... Continue Reading →

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