Get In Line

I don't think I need special treatment as a person with an incurable illness. I mean, if a law was passed to allow anyone with an autoimmune disease to cut the lines at Disney World, I would ride Space Mountain until I puked, but I wouldn't demand that law be passed in the first place.... Continue Reading →


Fantastic artwork by The Chronically Honest Since purging most of the influencers on my social media feeds, I've been searching for new people to follow. I picked several interesting thinkers, photographers, some minimalists, and found a large community of folks who suffer from chronic illness. I've had my diagnosis twelve years and had no idea... Continue Reading →

Eat With Your Eyes

Admire your food before you eat it Holiday biscotti for the kids' teachers Summers in Houston were spent lounging in Grandma's pool and learning to cook in her kitchen. Living overseas, Grandma and Grandpa's ranch style house in Houston was home base, where we'd go for vacation and family time before heading home to Hong... Continue Reading →

Like the Corners of My Mind

I managed to find a copy of the elusive Magnolia Journal spring edition at my grocery store, and the theme is simplifying your life (while simultaneously selling their decor and furniture items). The section that spoke to me was a quote from Joanna Gaines, explaining that living simply requires a commitment every day, and not... Continue Reading →

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