A few years ago I thought I had cancer. My doctor was concerned so I had a barrage of tests including a biopsy of the lymph node in my neck that was jutting out like Frankenstein's bolts. The mystery of the neck lump was never solved, but I didn't have cancer so I tried to... Continue Reading →


Fantastic artwork by The Chronically Honest Since purging most of the influencers on my social media feeds, I've been searching for new people to follow. I picked several interesting thinkers, photographers, some minimalists, and found a large community of folks who suffer from chronic illness. I've had my diagnosis twelve years and had no idea... Continue Reading →

Eat With Your Eyes

Admire your food before you eat it Holiday biscotti for the kids' teachers Summers in Houston were spent lounging in Grandma's pool and learning to cook in her kitchen. Living overseas, Grandma and Grandpa's ranch style house in Houston was home base, where we'd go for vacation and family time before heading home to Hong... Continue Reading →

Riding the Dragon

I recently had to pause my medication for Crohn's Disease, and since that brief interruption I've been experiencing a slow slide into old symptoms. Compared to patients in a flare, it's absolutely nothing. For me to live fearlessly and parent on the fly, it's worrisome. What if I have an episode while I'm out with... Continue Reading →

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