A few years ago I thought I had cancer. My doctor was concerned so I had a barrage of tests including a biopsy of the lymph node in my neck that was jutting out like Frankenstein's bolts. The mystery of the neck lump was never solved, but I didn't have cancer so I tried to... Continue Reading →

Love to the Max

Even before I started transitioning to minimalism I had problems with gifts. I gave "needs" that were practical when my husband and family were hoping for "wants," and nothing would stress me out more than opening presents in front of other people. This custom still baffles me. Anxiety has been an ever-present guest star in... Continue Reading →

Not Your Mother’s Minimalism

In the third installment of "Kat Discusses Minimalism Despite Not Being an Expert," I can give you an honest review of the new Minimalism documentary on Netflix. It's called Less is Now, and I would absolutely recommend it, and in fact you can skip the book recommendation for Everything That Remains if you watch the... Continue Reading →

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