The Homeowner’s Handbook

Rule #1 of owning a home: once you decide to spend money on your house, something will break/explode/leak. Same for spending money on the rest of your life. Everything is settling down, you've saved up to take a trip, and as soon as you hop on a plane, your parents call to let you know... Continue Reading →

Rely on the Incompetence of Strangers

There's an I Love Lucy Christmas special where the Christmas tree looks uneven, so they trim a little from one side, then compensate and trim from the other, and so on back and forth until it's a mangled mess. The tree was just fine to start, but each time they "fixed" it, it looked worse.... Continue Reading →

Well Done

*Composed after my first homemade vodka cocktail since producing, birthing, and weening second son, aka 2014. Don't ever, for a second, take a moment to congratulate yourself. On anything. Not just parenting wins, but any sort of success you may have, should be kept to yourself lest it somehow morph into an epic failure for... Continue Reading →

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