The Myths Of Pregnancy

When I think about all the things that have to go just right in order to conceive a child, every pregnancy truly seems like a miracle. For future parents who want a child more than they've ever wanted anything, the pressure is enormous to not be the weak link in their own conception story. Though... Continue Reading →

Like the Corners of My Mind

I managed to find a copy of the elusive Magnolia Journal spring edition at my grocery store, and the theme is simplifying your life (while simultaneously selling their decor and furniture items). The section that spoke to me was a quote from Joanna Gaines, explaining that living simply requires a commitment every day, and not... Continue Reading →

My Shoes

I have been thinking about all those articles that have been popping up the last few years listing things it's horrible to say to someone with a disease/grieving/without kids/with kids/single/allergic to strawberries, etc. The one I read years ago called "What Not To Say to Crohn's Patients" was great, because a lot of people are... Continue Reading →

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