Central Texas is the barbecue capital of the world. This shouldn't be controversial, but in the barbecue world, them's fightin' words. Texas barbecue is not like the stuff you find in Kansas or the Carolinas -- it's all about meat and smoke and that's it. Those sticky ribs from the chain barbeque place? Not Texan.... Continue Reading →

Springtime Feast for New Beginnings

Easter is a religious holiday with secular themes anyone can enjoy, like the promise of a new beginning each spring. This year, the celebration included a sense of relief and anticipation for the possibilities in the remainder of 2021 -- the day before Easter I got my second dose of the vaccine! My husband and... Continue Reading →

The Inspiration

If possible, try to have at least one retired parent with just enough free time to buy a subscription to Masterclass. The online bank of coursework prepared by people of every profession has something for everyone, including free bonus subscriptions when you purchase a full year of streaming, which your parents should absolutely pass on... Continue Reading →

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