Move It

Farewell, old house! I love to relocate. I moved a lot as a kid, and after I've lived somewhere three years, I start to wonder what's next. We moved around because of my dad's job, and my husband doesn't have the same kind of job, so moving around isn't as necessary (once we moved to... Continue Reading →


There are people who are competitive, and then there's me. Naturally competitive personalities seek out challenges like league sports or group activities to keep others abreast of their progress. They post weight loss photos, gym photos, and my-kid-is-reading-at-age-4 photos. The most driven and motivated find ways to compete with themselves, pushing their minds and bodies... Continue Reading →

Well Done

*Composed after my first homemade vodka cocktail since producing, birthing, and weening second son, aka 2014. Don't ever, for a second, take a moment to congratulate yourself. On anything. Not just parenting wins, but any sort of success you may have, should be kept to yourself lest it somehow morph into an epic failure for... Continue Reading →

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