Killer Momentum

I like to make plans. I make lists of steps to take to accomplish my plans, and there are so many different plans that they become a list in themselves. You might think all this leads to a long list of accomplishments, but alas no. That list is barely a list at all. I decided... Continue Reading →

Springtime Feast for New Beginnings

Easter is a religious holiday with secular themes anyone can enjoy, like the promise of a new beginning each spring. This year, the celebration included a sense of relief and anticipation for the possibilities in the remainder of 2021 -- the day before Easter I got my second dose of the vaccine! My husband and... Continue Reading →

Spit Spot

I got my own apartment in the age of Swiffers, Clorox wipes, and first generation Roombas, and my subsequent homes suffered as a result. Instead of learning how to get things clean, I saw advertisements for ways to make cleaning easier which, it turned out, didn't actually clean anything. Roombas were new and we got... Continue Reading →

Like the Corners of My Mind

I managed to find a copy of the elusive Magnolia Journal spring edition at my grocery store, and the theme is simplifying your life (while simultaneously selling their decor and furniture items). The section that spoke to me was a quote from Joanna Gaines, explaining that living simply requires a commitment every day, and not... Continue Reading →

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