I'm an angry mom. Not always, but moreso recently. I am always impatient when my kids refuse to listen or whine incessantly, but it's worse now. And their behavior is also significantly worse than before the pandemic, which creates an awful spiral. I know this is hard on the kids, and I know big changes... Continue Reading →


I don't really understand social media, the internet, clickbait, or anything related to these things, but I have recently been trying to post more on Instagram. It turns out it's impossible to increase your following by only using the app to look at pictures of the Kardashians. I am decidedly not great at promoting myself... Continue Reading →

Plain Gold Ring

Yes, I'm listening to Kimbra today. Occasionally Robby is called away to conferences for work to learn more in-depth prosecutorial strategy or immigration law specifically. He is gone for several days at a time, leaving me in charge of the household. During my first year or so of parenthood, I would remark that his trips... Continue Reading →

Pray for Us

As newly confirmed Catholics, we are aware that attending church is an obligation; as in, you must attend church unless you are physically incapable of making it into the pew.  I have fond memories of holding my husband's hand during prayers and the tears that came streaming down my face as I felt Jackson kick... Continue Reading →

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