The Homeowner’s Handbook

Rule #1 of owning a home: once you decide to spend money on your house, something will break/explode/leak. Same for spending money on the rest of your life. Everything is settling down, you've saved up to take a trip, and as soon as you hop on a plane, your parents call to let you know... Continue Reading →

Lights Out

Remember outside? It's been a wild Wednesday over here, with an internet outage derailing hours of virtual school and kicking my husband out of a Zoom meeting for five hours. Without school, the kids devolve into fighting and crying and screaming and antagonizing and I feel like running through the wall like the Kool-aid man... Continue Reading →

Rely on the Incompetence of Strangers

There's an I Love Lucy Christmas special where the Christmas tree looks uneven, so they trim a little from one side, then compensate and trim from the other, and so on back and forth until it's a mangled mess. The tree was just fine to start, but each time they "fixed" it, it looked worse.... Continue Reading →

Not Your Mother’s Minimalism

In the third installment of "Kat Discusses Minimalism Despite Not Being an Expert," I can give you an honest review of the new Minimalism documentary on Netflix. It's called Less is Now, and I would absolutely recommend it, and in fact you can skip the book recommendation for Everything That Remains if you watch the... Continue Reading →


It's finally time for us to embrace the season and throw off the side-eye from our neighbors with strict rules about decorating before Thanksgiving! The Christmas season is officially here, whether it's secular or religious for you and your family, because if you don't celebrate the birth of Jesus, you can celebrate the birth of... Continue Reading →

America In Timeout

Another day, another mass shooting, and all you weak-ass hillbillies are like, “meh, nothing can be done! Everyone gets a gun, it's in the constitution!” I'm so sick and tired of this shoulder-shrug answer to our gun violence epidemic in this country. This is the shining city on the hill, the land of opportunity, the... Continue Reading →

Riding the Dragon

I recently had to pause my medication for Crohn's Disease, and since that brief interruption I've been experiencing a slow slide into old symptoms. Compared to patients in a flare, it's absolutely nothing. For me to live fearlessly and parent on the fly, it's worrisome. What if I have an episode while I'm out with... Continue Reading →

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