Imagine your body like a living room. Pictures hung on the walls, flowers in a vase, photography books arranged on a coffee table centered on a plush rug. The gentle breeze of a fan tickles the flower petals and sunlight glints off the glass in the frames. Now, imagine a hurricane blows through your home.... Continue Reading →


I don't really understand social media, the internet, clickbait, or anything related to these things, but I have recently been trying to post more on Instagram. It turns out it's impossible to increase your following by only using the app to look at pictures of the Kardashians. I am decidedly not great at promoting myself... Continue Reading →

Power Trip

I've had my gall bladder removed, given birth three times, had a handful of colonoscopies, and given blood countless times, but I still fear regular dental visits. Everything from the x-rays to the drilling has me clinging to the ceiling. I hate the dentist with all five senses, and while having regular blood draws has... Continue Reading →

Merry Snarkmas

Seasons Greetings family, friends, and social media acquaintances! We hope this newsletter finds you well, as we are beyond blessed this Christmas season (as usual!). We can't possibly recount all the wonderful things that have occurred over the past twelve months, but we will provide our interested readers with an abbreviated list. After much ado... Continue Reading →

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