Quantify a Life

A lot of people are getting ready to receive a nice check from the federal government to offset the hardship they are experiencing because of the pandemic. For some its a bonus, because they are essential and haven't lost their jobs. For others it's a bandaid on punctured hull, and it won't cover the month's... Continue Reading →

America In Timeout

Another day, another mass shooting, and all you weak-ass hillbillies are like, “meh, nothing can be done! Everyone gets a gun, it's in the constitution!” I'm so sick and tired of this shoulder-shrug answer to our gun violence epidemic in this country. This is the shining city on the hill, the land of opportunity, the... Continue Reading →


There are people who are competitive, and then there's me. Naturally competitive personalities seek out challenges like league sports or group activities to keep others abreast of their progress. They post weight loss photos, gym photos, and my-kid-is-reading-at-age-4 photos. The most driven and motivated find ways to compete with themselves, pushing their minds and bodies... Continue Reading →

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

A friend who spent three years stationed at Fort Bliss told me the hiking in El Paso was amazing. As someone who doesn't hike and isn't interested in encountering rattlesnakes outside the zoo reptile exhibit, this meant nothing to me. When we arrived in El Paso, however, I was drawn to the landscape. My son... Continue Reading →

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