A Big Day

For weeks I’ve been posting reliably on Mondays and Wednesdays, so even though we are preparing for our first family visit in 13 and a half months (but who’s counting) and have a lot to do, I didn’t feel like I should just skip today. At the same time, posting a blog a day after the verdict was announced in the Chauvin trial seems like it carries extra gravity and I should have something profound to say.

Well, I don’t. It is a big deal, and there are profound things all over the internet today, but you don’t need that from me. No one needs to see a suburban white lady who has never been pulled over in her life crying in her Instagram stories about justice being done. It’s not justice, it’s progress.

Go seek out some BIPOC voices today, and every day, for issues like this. I have been really enjoying Carlos Whittaker these days, for lessons on grace and perseverance in times of tragedy. The world is full of people who have a right to talk seriously about this time in our history, but while it’s a fight I’ll gladly join, I’m certainly not leading it.

Go forth and feed yourselves today. Feed your mind and your body while you celebrate one win in a never-ending struggle. Listen to the people who have much to say, and take some time to protect your peace before getting back in the fight.

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